A data center is a special facility where companies store the servers used for their offline or online services - hosting, mail servers, computing, file storage, etcetera. The data center provides the conditions for the servers accommodated there to work at their best capacity while preserving their life. This is accomplished by supplying exceptional environmental conditions - heat range, air humidity, protection against disasters, and so forth. All data centers also have electric power and Internet backups, which are a safeguard in case of infrastructural issues, and which ensure the continuous functioning of the servers and the access to them. The restricted access to such facilities gives an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access by third-parties. In the event that you use the web services of any firm, a good data center will greatly raise the standard of the service and your consumer experience.

Data centers in Shared Hosting

We provide our shared hosting plans in five exceptional data centers around the world in order to offer you a choice to select the one closest to you or to your target region. Our sophisticated cloud hosting platform is provided in all 5 of them, so you'll enjoy the very same high level of service irrespective of your choice. The facilities that are situated in the United States, the United Kingdom, AU, BG and Finland, provide multi-gigabit connectivity through numerous backbone Internet providers and efficient backup generators to ensure that your sites shall be operational all of the time. As skilled support teams manage our servers on all 3 continents, we could concentrate on creating new services and enhancing the existing ones on a regular basis, so we can provide you with the first-class Internet hosting service that you've always desired.

Data centers in Dedicated Hosting

In the event that you need loads of computing power for your Internet sites and you get one of the dedicated server solutions we offer, you shall be able to take advantage of the wonderful service that our Chicago-based data center offers. The Colohouse facility is the place where our dedicated hosting servers are kept and hosting your sites there shall allow you to reach the entire North American continent with ease. Direct connections with the East and West Coasts, with numerous major cities in the area and even over the Atlantic guarantee the high access speeds to your information. Your web server shall never be offline since it shall have its own efficient UPS device that'll keep it operating until 1.5 MW diesel generators begin working in the event that there is a power failure. The 24/7 server support crew will react instantly if there is any problem with your machine and we have spares and whole backup machines in the facility, so your websites shall be operational no matter what.